Bos Medicare Surgical Neck Massage Relaxer Accupressure Stretcher

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Bos Medicare Surgical Neck Massage Relaxer Acupressure Stretcher is upgraded that can be rotated 360° to adjust to your most comfortable angle and massage deeper into the muscles with a larger area and relieve pain immediately, allowing you to enjoy the best massage experience. Safe and controllable – The manual neck massager has no noise and radiation, you can control the speed, intensity and angle according to your different massage needs to achieve your ideal and comfortable relaxation effect, suitable for all ages and easy to use. Bos Medicare Neck Bliss.

Improves blood circulation to release fatigue.

Product Specifications and Features:

  • C Shaped neck traction device: By stretching the cervical area with deep pressure of the bar shape massager, the Bos Medicare surgical Nnck and shoulder relaxer Ppillow provides gentle neck traction, which stimulates muscle tension, helps relieve neck pain neck strain, neck tension, headaches and increases blood flow and circulation
  • Neck and shoulder relaxer with multiple massage points: Multiple massage points target the areas in the neck and lower head, simulating finger massage. Effectively helps you massage the exact part of the neck like a real hand, relax the muscles, relieve neck stiffness, and help reduce the pressure on the cervical spine
  • Your chiropractor companion:: With V Sharp urvature + memory foam, floods your neck area with oxygen-rich blood, providing you long-lasting relief from neck pain
  • Posture pillow: By using it daily, ease the cervical neck pain away. With consistent use, help restore the natural curvature of the neck and upper spine.

Directions for Use of Bos Medicare Neck Bliss:
Use it as directed by the instruction’s manual.
Safety Information:

  • Keep it away from water.
  • Follow user manual guidelines




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Bos Medicare Surgical Neck Massage Relaxer Accupressure Stretcher
Original price was: ₹1,499.00.Current price is: ₹1,422.00.
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