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Jubilant Nutrihance Jubilant Nutrihance Vanilla  is a balanced and enriched, scientifically formulated dietary food supplement that has 50 vital nutrients to support heart health, weight management, strength and immunity. It reduces the risk of heart disease, helps in maintaining weight in serious health conditions, boosts energy and gets your body into high gear and offers a strong immune system to fight colds and other minor to major infections. It is a protein-rich, low GI and high-fibre nutritional formula which helps enhance overall health and wellness. Its sugar-free, trans-fat-free and gluten-free composition makes it heart-friendly and supports weight management (can be also used as a healthy meal replacement). Nutrihance 1 serving of 45g/day (3 scoops) offers 200 Kcal energy when reconstituted as directed.

Key Ingredients:
Whey Protein Concentrate 80%, Sunflower Seeds, Astaxanthin, Fibersol-2, Isomaltulose, MCT Fat Base Powder, Omega 3 and Omega 6, Maltodextrin Powder, Fossence, Gamma-Linolenic, Butter Buds High Concentrate, L-Carnitine and L-Tartrate, Potassium Citrate, Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Citrate, Vitamin C, E, D, K and B complex.

Key Benefits of Jubilant Nutrihance Vanilla :

  • Thiamine contributes to the normal function of the heart
  • It contains MUFA, which helps in maintaining cholesterol levels
  • Soluble dietary fibre may help in maintaining a healthy lipid profile
  • The product manages body weight when consumed as a partial meal replacement including regular exercise
  • Nutrients like biotin, calcium, copper, iodine, iron magnesium, manganese, niacin, vitamin B5, phosphorus, vitamin B2, thiamine, vitamin B12, B6 and vitamin C contribute to healthy energy metabolism
  • Nutrients like copper, folate, iron, selenium, vitamins A, B12, B6, D, C, and zinc support the immune system
  • It is suitable to manage nutrition deficiency, recovery from illness or surgery, or on low-residue diets
  • Thiamin, MUFA, high fibre and omega fatty acids help in maintaining heart health
  • The formulation aids in balancing bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good cholesterol (HDL)
  • It helps in weight management through calorie control/meal replacement
  • Vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D offer strong immunity and are fortified with astaxanthin, a potent immunity booster
  • It reduces oxidative stress, and inflammation and enhances the immune response

Good to Know:

  • Sugar-free and trans-fat-free
  • Sucrose-free

Effects of Deficiency:
Lack of vitamins B12, B6 and C may cause low immunity.

Product Form:

Diet Type:
Gluten-free and vegetarian

Directions for Use:

  • Step 1: Take 180ml of drinking water (or milk)
  • Step 2: Add 3 scoops (45 gm) of Nutrihance
  • Step 2: Stir well and enjoy your nutritious beverage
  • Consume one serving (47 gm) a day or as directed by a healthcare professional
  • Consume one serving as a meal replacement for one or more meals daily diet
  • Consume as a healthy snack, replacement at breakfast/ evening/bedtime

Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Keep out of reach of the children
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight





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